Citrix Receiver 3.2 for Windows

Written by Thomas Poppelgaard on. Posted in Citrix, Receiver, VDI-in-a-box, XenApp, XenDesktop

What’s New in this Release

When used with Citrix Storefront 1.1, this release of Receiver for Windows (standard, CitrixReceiver.exe) supports single authentication to Receiver and the browser for Web and SaaS apps published through AppController 1.1. Receiver users will now authenticate with those apps as they have for published Windows apps. No Receiver-specific administration is needed to use the additional single authentication support.

The Receiver Enterprise package did not change for this release. It is required only to support applications that use Smart Card authentication.


Download Citrix Receiver 3.2 for Windows here

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Recent Comments

Tobias K


I was surprised and confused by what NVIDIA now appears to be stating about needing NVIDIA CCU licenses to use GRID 2.0 M6/M60 instances. Seealso which implies that this licensing is needed above and beyond what licenses are needed from Citrix or VMware to access various features. Can someone perhaps provide better clarification? As far as I can tell, the GRID K1 and K2 units are exempt from this, so it would appear this is something new and specific to the M6/M60 models. If this is really true, the pricing structure could be a major factor in the decision to go with these newer models vs. the K1/K2 options.

Thomas Poppelgaard


Hey David, I typed correctly but wordpress dont shows the two lines.
I have attached a photo now, so you better can see the code.

Thanks for telling me.

David Morris


Hey looks like your forgetting a extra – in the command line switch for chrome. –ignore-gpu-blacklist. Have a good day!



Also a slight correction on the HP numbering; their support of the M6 is dependent on the expansion blade, which drags the blade density down to 8 in 10U. It’s a lot of GPUs in 10U but a very different GPU/CPU balance to the Dell platform. Otherwise a great write-up!



Minor correction but not your fault – NVIDIA are currently listing Amulet Hotkey in the wrong section; we actually OEM the Dell PowerEdge M630 blade with the M6 module, not the M60. That’s 32 Xeon processors and 16 GRID cards in 10U.

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