Month: October 2011

New features in Citrix Receiver 3.1 for Windows

  • One Installer Two Modes of Operation – Easily installed from Receiver for Web or Web Interface, Receiver for Windows enables web access with no configuration but can then be configured to provide a phenomenal native desktop experience with a single-click.
  • One Click Configuration – Just by opening what we call a provisioning file, Receiver for Windows 3.1 transforms into a native Receiver that provides self-service access to resources together with built-in remote access from anywhere through your Access Gateway. There is no longer a need for an Access Gateway VPN client for basic use from home or on the road.
  • Auto provisioned apps – Receiver automatically provisions core applications as soon as you connect.  You users  immediately have the apps they use everyday. If everyone uses Outlook and Word, they will be automatically be there for them.
  • Self-service Inside– Your users can choose other resources they require with a single click. All apps can be launched from the Start Menu or directly within the Receiver home page shown at right.
  • Easy to Learn – Receiver looks and works the same whether you are using Receiver for Android,  IOS,Windows,  or Web. It has the same search, catalog view, and launch capabilities. A perfect surprise for your users who work on their desktop in the office, their tablet in meetings, and the web from home.
  • Follow-me Subscriptions – What I choose using Receiver for Web “follow me” to my Windows desktop, what I choose on my desktop, follows me to my tablet or other desktops and back to the Web. 3.1 also enables follow-me sessions to work in conjunction with self-service on Windows where this was previously not possible.
  • Internal web app access – If you use Cloud Gateway Enterprise for access to SaaS and Web applications, Receiver will automatically starts the Access Gateway client to enable access to Cloud Gateway managed internal web applications (URLs).
  • Multiple Accounts – Like Receiver for IOS, Android, and Mac,  you can connect to your corporate apps, your back up data center apps and desktops, and apps and desktops provided by multiple service providers all at the same time. Just click a provisioning file for each new Account you want to use
  • More browser support – Finally, if you want to use Receiver for Windows to access apps or desktops using Chrome or Firefox, it now works with Chrome 10.0 and later and no longer requires the pre-installation of Firefox.

Where can i get it

Citrix CloudGateway Express is a software for Windows
Citrix CloudGateway Enterprise is an virtual appliance and soon available buildin NetScaler


CloudGateway is industry’s first unified service broker that aggregates, controls and delivers all apps and data, including Windows, web, SaaS and mobile, to ANY device, anywhere. It provides end-users with an intuitive single point of access via Citrix Receiver and self-service to all their business apps on any device anywhere, and provides IT with a comprehensive single point of aggregation and control for all apps.

CloudGateway is fully integrated with Citrix Receiver, which is available for over 1.5B devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Also, Citrix Receiver for Web will enable the same capability for any browser on devices where you may not be able to install the native Receiver. Citrix Receiver continues to be rapidly adopted by our customers and users, now having millions of downloads and winning new awards – recently won the esteemed award from CRN – Top Enterprise App Award!

CloudGateway offers great set of features for both end users and IT.

  • Unified Storefront with self-service: enabling customers to setup a simple and powerful enterprise app store so that end users can get  all their apps and data from one place. End users can subscribe to their apps and data via self-service, including Windows apps, Web apps, SaaS apps and mobile apps.
  • Follow-me apps on any device, with federated SSO: delivers end-user flexibility to select their own apps on one device and seamlessly gain single-click access to the same set of apps on any device using Citrix Receiver. Also, as the apps are launched, users get single sign-on to their apps – including enterprise or cloud-based apps.
  • App requests with automated provisioning: Admins can create automated workflows that allow quick, easy user account creation, updates and deletion for all apps using existing directories and security mechanisms. This means when a user is on-boarded or needs a new app, all app requests can go through workflows and user accounts get automatically provisioned without any IT hassles.
  • 360-degree controls: Allows IT to define comprehensive control policies that use the full access scenario context (user, device, network, etc.) and determine which apps and data, and levels of access should be provided. Also, the policies enable remote wipe for any data that may be resident locally on a mobile device.
  • App monitoring: allows IT to monitor real-time application response SLAs to hold SaaS providers accountable for agreed upon SLAs
  • License optimization & compliance: enables IT to monitor app usage and license utilization to save money on SaaS app licensing by removing the need for over-provisioning.

This solution is enabled by integration of four key technologies:

  1. Storefront Services – bringing an enterprise storefront for all apps and data to any device
  2. Gateway Services – Offering the required security, access and controls
  3. Content controllers – enabling access to different types of apps or data – Windows apps/desktops, Web/SaaS, Mobile or Data
  4. Citrix Receiver – available for all devices and browsers – giving beautiful experience for users on all devices.

CloudGateway 1.0 will be available in two editions:

  • CloudGateway Enterprise empowers end users with a single point of access and self-service for Windows, Web and SaaS from any device, and provides IT with contextual controls and automated provisioning of users for all apps.
  • CloudGateway Express enables existing XenApp and XenDesktop customers to deliver all their Windows apps and desktops to any device via a unified storefront with self-service. Designed with built-in headroom for the cloud era, CloudGateway Express is an easy upgrade from Web Interface and PNAgent and enables enterprises to be cloud-ready by providing seamless upgrade to CloudGateway Enterprise, extending the unified app store to web and SaaS apps.


Yes you read it right. HDX is now available as a chip. So this means that thin client companies will be able to buy HDX as a chip and integrate it very easy in their products.

Initially supported by Fujitsu, LG, Texas Instruments, Dell, Huawei, HP, Wyse, VXL, NComputing and DevonIT, with NComputing and Texas Instruments providing the initial SoC reference design, this initiative has the potential to dramatically change and evolve the desktop business. By providing a low-cost embedded reference design for HDX Ready capabilities, these partners – along with a extensive list of other vendors that weren’t ready to attach their names quite yet – are exploring ways to create completely new end points as well as leverage the design to create thin clients at dramatically lower price points.

Unlike other implementations of protocols in the hardware, HDX Ready System-On-a-Chip is a standards-based reference designs that are designed to keep up with innovation in both hardware and HDX. Other hardware technologies like PCoIP-based cards are proprietary and expensive, and force customers to go through a major upgrade of the entire system in order to get the benefits of latest innovations. HDX SoCs, on the other hand, are standards-based reference designs that deliver HDX optimizations in both software and hardware. This intelligent design offers our customers flexibility to easily adopt new innovations in HDX without going through a major hardware upgrade.

Its going to be interesting to see if Citrix will partner up with Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, B&O and other television companies to have HDX build in. Try to imagine video conference how HDX improves this, so you just need to buy a television HDX is build in and you are ready for communicating.

I see many great things with this new hardware chip Citrix have build. The possibilities are endeless.


Citrix have bought App-DNA which is one of the biggest news from Citrix Synergy in Barcelona Oct 2011.

App-DNA won in May at Citrix Synergy in SF 2011 the Best of Synergy award in the desktop transformation category.

So with this acquisition of App-DNA. What does it means to Citrix desktop transformation model.


The Citrix Desktop Transformation Model focuses on three distinct phases – assess, design and deploy – and help customers prioritize and map business objectives to users and projects to speed the roll-out of desktop virtualization enterprise-wide. The addition of App-DNA technology delivers the following customer benefits:

  • Rapid Application Portfolio Analysis – The AppTitude platform performs an analysis of an organization’s application portfolio to determine any potential install and/or runtime issues associated with application migration. A report is generated that provides the assessment in easy to read red, amber, green format along with an effort calculator that provides project sizing in terms of effort, time and resources required to complete.
  • Intelligent Application Remediation – AppTitude provides guidance to an organization for those applications that are determined to have potential compatibility issues. In many cases, the remediation can be provided directly via the AppTitude tools. Organizations now have a confirmed starting point for their migrations, as well as a path forward to ensure the success of the project.
  • Automated Application Packaging – AppTitude enables organizations to rapidly deploy applications through automated packaging of applications in Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI), Microsoft App-V or Citrix XenApp® formats.