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Citrix App Preparation Tool for Mobile Apps

Citrix have released a new version of App Preparation Tool for Mobile Apps. This release now supports iOS and Android apps, this is a huge step forward for Citrix to manage mobile apps in the enterprise. At Citrix Synergy in Barcelona its Citrix strategy to be a strong player that will deliver enterprise solutions which will solve many companies mobile business challenges. This is to provide a better and much more securely mobile platform provided by Citrix. This is the first step for Citrix to final support iOS and Android next we might see support for the Windows 8 mobile platform.

App Preparation Tool for Mobile Apps

Mobile app management allows you to securely manage and deliver mobile apps to users. With the Citrix App Preparation Tool, you can wrap iOS and Android apps to secure access and enforce policies. After you wrap the app, you can upload the app to CloudGateway. Users can then download and install the app from Citrix Receiver. They can subsequently open and work with the app from an icon on the home screen, on the mobile device, or from the Receiver home page.

How the App Preparation Tool Works

Citrix provides the Citrix App Preparation Tool so that you can wrap a mobile app for iOS or Android with Citrix logic and policies. The tool can securely wrap an app that was created within your organization or a mobile app made outside the company. After the app is wrapped, you can upload the app to CloudGateway.

After you download the App Preparation Tool from My Citrix on the Citrix Web site, when you run the tool, the tool prompts you to follow basic steps. For both types of app, use the following guidelines:

  • Provide the app name and optional details about the app.
  • Provide a list of devices to exclude. The devices in the list cannot run the app.
  • Save the new Citrix CMA (.cma) or MDX (.mdx) file that the tool creates to your computer. The CMA or MDX file is the wrapped app that contains Citrix logic and policies.

For iOS apps, you need to following these basic steps:

  • Specify an iOS mobile app IPA file.
  • Choose the iOS Distribution Provisioning Profile and Distribution Certificate to sign the app for distribution.

For Android apps, you need to follow these basic steps:

  • Specify an Android mobile app APK file.
  • Choose the Java Development Kit (JDK) on your computer for wrapping Android mobile apps.
  • Choose the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) on your computer for wrapping Android mobile apps.
  • Choose the Android APK Tool.
  • Choose the keystore for signing Android mobile apps.

When you run the App Preparation Tool, the app determines the application type and version. You can select the minimum and maximum operating system versions.

After you complete wrapping the app, you then upload the CMA or MDX file to CloudGateway. You use the AppController management console to configure specific application details and policy settings that Citrix Receiver enforces. When users log on by using Receiver, the app appears in the store. Users can then subscribe, download and install the app on their device. For more information about configuring the app details and policy settings in AppController, see Adding Mobile Apps to AppController.


Download Citrix App Preparation Tool for Mobile Apps for iOS / Android here (Require MyCitrix ID)

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