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Application Streaming To App-V Conduit


The AppStreamingToAppVConduit utility engages “dual mode” XenApp based execution for Microsoft App-V sequences.

The XenApp publishing system can publish Citrix Application Streaming based applications for both server side execution and client side execution. Application Streaming has always included the ability to run “dual mode”, or “fallback”, where the system attempts to run the application by streaming on the client, but if that cannot be accomplished, the execution can be configured to fallback to a server provided delivery, where the application can be locally installed on the XenApp server or streamed on-demand for server side execution.

Whether run on the client, or run on the server, the user gets the application. The criteria for triggering a fallback to server mode are varied; they include:

  • Machine is not a Windows machine so cannot be running the streaming client.
  • Machine Operating System is not supported by the profile.
  • Machine lacks a required local installation pre-requisite such as specific version of .NET or Java or a particular version of locally installed Internet Explorer.
  • Administrator defined pre-launch script triggers fallback. This case is used by the conduit and is described in the sections that follow.


App-V comes in two versions

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) comes in two configurations:

  • Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), the desktop version.
  • Microsoft Application Virtualization for Terminal Services (App-V for TS), the server version.

About this Whitepaper

This document and the conduit that it describes are primarily concerned with using App-V to deliver applications to end-user personal computers. The delivery occurs using XenApp based publishing and engaging “dual mode” fallback to XenApp servers for App-V based stream to client applications.

* This whitepaper applies to XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008R2

Download Whitepaper – Application Streaming To App-V Conduit here


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