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AppSense Management Suite updated

AppSense have updated their Management Suite 1st April 2011.

This build of AppSense Management Suite contains updated versions of the Management Center and Application Manager

The build numbers for the individual products are as follows:

  • Application Manager
  • Environment Manager 8.0.959.0
  • Performance Manager
  • Management Center 8.1.305.0

New Features in Environment Manager 8.0.959.0

Support for Citrix Offline Plug-in 6.0

New Features in Application Manager

  • Elevating the download of web components

    Components, such as ActiveX controls, need to be downloaded and installed to run. A standard user will typically need an elevated level of permission to allow the component to install. The new functionality will give Application Manager the ability to elevate user’s rights to successfully install allowed ActiveX controls and web downloads.

  • Elevating for application Install

    Some ActiveX controls are just boot-straps that install a ‘downloader’ application. These downloader applications also need to be elevated and be installed by the Administrator. The new functionality changes the actual owner of the token, as opposed to just adding it to the Administrator group. This is a subtle difference that is required to allow this feature to co-exist with typical Application Managers Trusted Ownership rules.

  • Configuration snippets

    To allow an application to download and install there are a number of entries that need to be added to the Application Manager configuration. We will supply preconfigured pieces of configurations (snippets) that can be imported into an existing, open configuration which will populate all the areas that need setting, combining the application entitlement and user rights entitlement

  • User Interface Modernization

    The Application Manager User Interface has been brought up to date with a new look and feel and an improved user experience

New Features in Performance Manager

  • Variable Memory Optimizer Analysis Resource Control

    Enables the amount of CPU utilization that Optimizer analysis uses to be configured, please contact support for details.

  • Limit Analysis on Highly loaded machines
    Memory Optimizer Analysis will now not analyze if the machine that has Performance Manager installed is running at greater than 80% CPU.
  • Memory Optimizer Analysis re-architect
    Memory Optimizer Analysis has been re-architected to take advantage of an internal caching strategy making it far more lightweight on the endpoint

If you have access to, you can download the new versions of the AppSense Management Suite there ;=)


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