Author: Thomas Poppelgaard

Citrix Files bug with Word (Office365) on MacOS (Catalina)

Last week I was working with making some documentation of an EUC environment, I was doing for a customer and worked all day Friday. I got notified there was a newer version of Citrix Files, so I went ahead and upgraded the client as I normal do. For you as a reader you properly dont know, but I have been using Citrix Content Collaboration, the new name for (Citrix Sharefile) for around 7 years, and I am a daily user, and uses all from small files to very large datasets, when I make presentations, and it works really well, so well I have never had any issues with Citrix Content Collaboration, all the years until today. Citrix Files is the app through which you interact with Citrix Content Collaboration.

So what is the issue, well I was about to continue finishing my documentation that was saved on the Citrix Files share “personal folder” locally on my Mac and then it gets replicated up to which is pretty cool. Then the file is synchronised to the cloud and there is backup and multiple version of a file. I love this service from Citrix. Issue was just my file from last Friday, after upgrading the client was not uploaded to Citrix Content Collaboration ( I noticed the green “cloud icon” was not on the file. Bummer what could this be, I tried to open the file and got a strange error with the file could not be open because of file permission or I didn’t have enough memory resources and I should try opening the file in a text convertor hang on, there is something wrong here very wrong. I tried to create a new word file and save it to my personal folders in Citrix Files and save the file it was working, then I closed word and I could see the file was not getting replicated to the cloud. I then tried opening the file again and then it was broken… w00t. I then tried creating a file on my desktop copying to the personal folder in Citrix Files this was working and it got replicated and I could open it dozen times. Just to validate it further I took 3 other Mac devices and tested this issue and yes issue with latest version of Citrix Files is there, its corrupting my word document if I save it in the personal folder.

After lots of investigation I tried with an older version of Citrix Files I had on my local device and this worked fine if I created a word file and saved it to my personal folder in Citrix Files. So issue was the latest version of Citrix Files, but its not just this, all the files I had created since last Friday with this new client and saved in my personal folder was all corrupted I just lost several days work 🙁

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Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) bug with Multisession Windows 10 version 2004

I have today found out a major bug in Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with OS Windows 10 Multisession version 2004. After helping a client with expanding some FSlogix storage, I saw there was some important patches for OS (CU) and some security patches, its always recommended to apply these patches, as you will gain performance and stability and improve security.

But after applying these CU, I ran into a very strange problem that when you login to the Multisession host from any WVD client, the Windows screen flicker and keep updating in the GUI and you couldn’t do anything not click anything inside the desktop. After some research on the web, I saw other people facing the same issue with as I saw. The interesting part was that Pieter Wigleven from Microsoft, confirm this bug and that the Microsoft Search team will solve this part in future builds of Windows.


This specific issue only impacts Windows 10 Enterprise/multi-session version 2004 and the fix is currently scheduled for release in the third week of October 2020. 

In that third week of October - if you manually click the “Check for Updates” button you will get it. 

If you won't check manually, you’ll receive this bugfix in November's Patch Tuesday (second week of the month).


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VMware Horizon 8

VMware have released a new version of VMware Horizon 8 (2006), and this release is for now general available from August 2020. This is a major release, so I hope you like this article I put together. VMware have made some huge improvements in this release, which customers/partners are going to benefit from. HINT – If you are using Nvidia vGPU (on-prem) I highly recommend you upgrade to NVIDIA vGPU 11, as this is supporting VMware Horizon 8 (2006). I have in this article also included the new features of Horizon Cloud service for IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure. Lets dig into what is new.

What is new in VMware Horizon 8

VMware Horizon 8 provides the following new features and enhancements
  • VMware Horizon Connection Server On-Premises
  • VMware Horizon Agent for Linux
  • VMware Horizon Agent for Windows
  • VMware Horizon GPO Bundle
  • VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2006
  • VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.10
  • VMware Horizon Clients 2006 for Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, HTML Access
VMware Horizon Cloud services:
  • VMware Horizon Cloud Service v3 (Azure, AWS, On-prem)

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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7 2006

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7 2006

Release is now available for download, June, 2020.

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop 7 2006 is a CR release.
Read more about CR here

Citrix Virtual Apps (former name: XenApp) Citrix Virtual Desktop (former name: XenDesktop)

Citrix raises the bar of for user experience and new product release of following technologies:

  • Director 2006
  • Virtual Delivery Agents 2006 for ServerOS and ClientOS
  • Virtual Delivery Agent 2006 for Linux
  • Citrix Licensing 11.16.6
  • Citrix Federated Authentication Service 2006
  • Storefront 2006
  • Provisioning 2006
  • Profile Management 2006
  • Workspace Environment Management 2006
  • Session Recording 2006
  • Workspace App 2006 for Windows
  • Workspace App 2006 for Linux
  • Workspace App 2006 for Chrome
  • Workspace App 2006 for Android
  • Workspace App 2006 for HTML5
  • Workspace App 2006 for ChromeOS

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Microsoft Meet Community event – Windows Virtual Desktop

Hi all, today I presented at the first online Microsoft Meet Community event around Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) which was organised by Christiaan Brinkhoff + Microsoft. Thank you all for participating my session, I understood there was 1.000+ participants so that is awesome, wish I could see you all like the “good old” 2019 conferences way, but hey its Covid times and its better to be safe home. As promised in my session I would share my slides they are available to download here:

Download my slides from my presentation on below link:
New NVIDIA and AMD virtual machine GPU options for WVD by Thomas Poppelgaard

I put together 76 slides, so hopefully you learned a lot and can use my slides in your work. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need help with WVD.

/Thomas Poppelgaard
Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in WVD/RDS