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Beyond VDI with Citrix, HP, Nvidia and Autodesk event – 1th November 2011 CPH, DK

Hello everyone I have a great news I’d like to share with you all.

The 1th november 2011, I and ARROW ECS (value added distributor on Citrix) held a huge HDX3D event where speakers from Citrix, HP, Nvidia and Autodesk will come and talk about future VDI

Event – Beyond VDI conference

Private and public companies face the challenge; to virtualizes “Heavy users” who use 3d applications, video conferencing, audio, etc. You will learn about how the latest technology from Citrix, HP, Autodesk and Nvidia can meet this requirements, and how Citrix, HP, Nvidia and Autodesk delivers “the VDI of the future”.

Arrow ECS, together with Citrix, HP, Nvidia and AutoDesk present an exciting seminar with Derek Thorslund responsible for developing the graphical performance of virtualization products at Citrix, Rob Cornell, Senior Alliance Manager, from AutoDesk, Brian Andersen, Business Developer from HP and Walter Mundt-Blum, Vice President of PSG Sales, Nvidia.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this conference, where visions, opportunities and the workplace of the future is a priority.

VDI is no longer “just” VDI.


Citrix – Derek Thorslund, Director Product Management
Learn how Citrix can deliver a virtualized 3d application/desktop with HDX / HDX 3D Pro technology to end user on LAN/WAN.

HP – Brian Andersen, Business Development
Learn how HP delivers enterprise hardware to this market, and how you can lower hardware cost together with Nvidia and Citrix

Autodesk – Rob Cornell, Senior Alliance Manager
Learn about Autodesk’s new products, what they can deliver and how AutoDesk products now are certified with Citrix.

Nvidia – Walter Mundt-Blum, Vice President
Learn about Nvidia’s new products, what they can deliver and hear about the relationship with Autodesk, Citrix and HP. Whats does the future bring with Nvidia when virtualization melts together with the CPU/GPU.

Arrow ECS – Thomas Poppelgaard
HDX 3D – how does it all work together. Learn about the solutions and best practise.

Panel discussion Q/A from the audience.


1 th November 2011


Hilton Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to sign up for the event

Danish invitation
Swedish invitation
Norwegian invitation
Finland invitation


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