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NVIDIA Data Center GPU Portfolio

Updated: April 2023

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VMware Horizon 8 (2303)

VMware have released a new version of VMware Horizon 8 (2303), and this release is general available from March 2023. This is a major release, so I hope you like this article I put together. VMware have made some huge improvements in this release, which customers/partners are going to benefit from. Lets dig into what is new.

What is new in VMware Horizon 8 (2303)

VMware Horizon 8 2303 provides the following new features and enhancements
  • VMware Horizon Connection Server
  • VMware Horizon Agent for Linux
  • VMware Horizon Agent for Windows
  • VMware Horizon GPO Bundle
  • VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2303
  • VMware Unified Access Gateway 2303
  • VMware App Volume 2303
  • VMware Horizon Clients 2303 for Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, HTML Access
  • VMware Horizon Cloud services 2303

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Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop 7 2303

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop 7 2303.

Release 7 2303 is now available for download, 24th March, 2023.

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop 7 2303 is a CR release. Read more about CR here

Citrix Virtual Apps (former name: XenApp) Citrix Virtual Desktop (former name: XenDesktop)

Citrix raises the bar of for user experience and new product release of following technologies:

  • Director 2303
  • Citrix Licensing 11.17.2 build 41000
  • Virtual Delivery Agents 2303 for ServerOS and ClientOS
  • Virtual Delivery Agent 2303 for Linux
  • Citrix Federated Authentication Service 2303
  • Citrix Provisioning 2303
  • Profile Management 2303
  • Workspace Environment Management 2303
  • Session Recording 2303
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service (March 2023)
  • Workspace App 2303 for Windows
  • Workspace App 2303 for Linux
  • Workspace App 2303 for Chrome
  • Workspace App 2303 for Android
  • Workspace App 2303 for MacOS
  • Workspace App 2303 for HTML5
  • Workspace App 2303 for ChromeOS

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Windows 365 ( tips&tricks

I will in this blogpost cover tips & tricks with using Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC from HTML5, which is access via URL from any os, any device, any modern browser

Users can navigate to to access their Cloud PCs from a modern browser.

Example running from MacOS with Microsoft Edge. Cloud PC can be access by opening “Open in browser”
Microsoft Windows365 Cloud PC running in Microsoft Edge from MacOS

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