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Branch Repeater & Repeater Appliance Software Release 6.0.1

Release 6.0.1 is the maintenance software release for the Citrix Branch Repeater 6.0.

This maintenance release contains bug fixes and new features.

Maintenance Release Highlights in 6.0.1

In addition to the bug fixes, this maintenance Release includes the following features:

Support for Multi-Stream ICA

This release supports the new XenApp 6.5/XenDesktop5.5 “Multi-Stream ICA” feature, which uses up to four connections per user, one for each ICA priority level. By demultiplexing the ICA stream, traffic-shaping policies can be applied to different-priority streams independently allowing bulk traffic to be held back and the interactive traffic passed through with greater precision, resulting in greater responsiveness and thus a better user experience.

Collection of Diagnostic Data

This feature is a new tab in the “System Maintenance: Diagnostics” page that gathers up diagnostic data for Citrix Support and packages it into a single compressed archive that Support can analyze.  The process can take as long as 20 minutes, and gathers data from older versions of the software as well as the current one. Do not use this feature unless requested to by Support.

Download Branch Repeater Appliance Software Release 6.0.1 here

Download Repeater Appliance Software Release 6.0.1 here

Download Branch Repeater VPX for XenServer and VMware vSphere Software Rel 6.0.1  here

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