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Branch Repeater 5.6.1 VPX for VMware vSphere

Release 5.6.1 is the first software release for Branch Repeater VPX for VMware vSphere, which is software that offers Branch Repeater functionality in a VMware vSphere virtual appliance form factor under ESX 4.1 and ESXi 4.1. Branch Repeater VPX allows Branch Repeater acceleration to be deployed in a variety of platforms, and can be combined with other virtual machines running on the same server.

Branch Repeater VPX release 5.6.1

Branch Repeater VPX 5.6.1 is a production release that supports same features as a (non-virtual) Repeater Appliance running release 5.5. software including support for:

The following Branch Repeater features are not supported in BR VPX:

  • Group Mode
  • Repeater High-Availability mode
  • Ethernet bypass card
  • LCD front-panel display
  • Serial console interface

VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi Features

  • VMWare vCenter Server (remote management)
  • VMWare vSphere HA (high availability)
  • VMWare vSphere vMotion (migrate Branch Repeater VPX to a different server with identical processors)
  • VMWare Guest Customization (replicate VPX with different per-instance parameters)

System Requirements
Server hosting Branch Repeater VPX must run VMWare ESX 4.1 and ESXi 4.1. The Branch Repeater VPX virtual machine requires a minimum of:

  • 1 virtual CPU under XenServer, 2 virtual CPUs under VMware vSphere. Hardware virtualization support is required in the CPU under VMware but not XenServer.
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 100 GB disk (local disks will give maximum performance)
  • 2 virtual NICs (Ethernet ports)


Branch Repeater VPX supports two license types: remote and local licenses

  • Production licenses use remote licenses hosted on a Citrix license server. Production licenses include retail, CSP, and annual licenses
  • Non-production licenses (such as VPX Express and Eval licenses) are installed locally on the Branch Repeater VPX virtual appliance
  • Most license types (except evaluation and VPX Express licenses)now requires a remote license server and can no longer be installed locally

download Branch Repeater 5.6.1 VPX for VMware vSphere  here

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