VMware Horizon 8 2103

VMware have released a new version of VMware Horizon 8 (2103), and this release is for now general available from March 2021. This is a major release, so I hope you like this article I put together. VMware have made some huge improvements in this release, which customers/partners are going to benefit from.

HINT – If you are using Nvidia vGPU (on-prem) there is currently no driver support for Horizon 8 2103.

I have in this article also included the new features of Horizon Cloud service for 2103 IBM Cloud, AWS, Azure.

Lets dig into what is new.

What is new in VMware Horizon 8 (2103)

VMware Horizon 8 2103 provides the following new features and enhancements

  • VMware Horizon Connection ServerĀ 
  • VMware Horizon Agent for Linux
  • VMware Horizon Agent for Windows
  • VMware Horizon GPO Bundle
  • VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2103
  • VMware Unified Access Gateway 2103
  • VMware Horizon Clients 2103 for Android, Linux, iOS, Mac, Windows, HTML Access

VMware Horizon Cloud services 2103

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