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Citrix Webinterface 5.4

Citrix have released Citrix Webinterface 5.4 for Windows & Web Interface 5.4 for Java Application Servers.

New in Citrix Webinterface 5.4 for Windows Release

The Web Interface offers the following new enhancements and features in this release:

Updated end user interface. The layout and color scheme for end users has been updated to help improve navigation and readability.

Session sharing for VM hosted applications. The Web Interface now supports session sharing for Virtual Machine (VM) hosted apps. This feature is only available for seamless applications and non-anonymous users.

Multiple desktop access for users. In previous versions of the Web Interface, users could only access a single instance of a desktop per desktop group. Now, users can access multiple instances of desktops in desktop groups.

Improved smart card support for Access Gateway. Smart card authentication to the Web Interface is now compatible with more environments. The Web Interface can now accept User Principal Names (UPNs) from Access Gateway as well as the user name and domain. Additionally, the Web Interface has been updated to comply with FIPS. This new functionality can only be used with the pass-through authentication for smart card option and you must be logged on as a domain administrator.

Ability to set additional default values. Administrators can configure default values for all bandwidth-related settings, such as audio quality, color depth, bandwidth profile, printer mapping, and window size.

ICA File Signing. The Web Interface digitally signs generated ICA files, to allow compatible ICA clients to validate that the file originates from a trusted source.

Download Citrix Webinterface 5.4 for Windows here
Download Citrix Webinterface 5.4 for Java Application Servers here

How to Enable SpeedScreen in Web Interface 5.3

Modify the Template.ica file or default.ica with the following information

In Web Interface 5.3

Edit the default.ica file located \Inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\XenApp\conf

In the [Application] section, add:


Now, when you open ICA Connection Center, you see SpeedScreen Latency Reduction = ON.

Make Sure that Speedscreen Latency Reduction is enabled on the Server side, as well.

Application Launch Failure in Web Interface 5.0 through 5.3


Applications fail to launch on a windows 2008 server when .NET 1.1.x or .NET 4.0 is installed on the Web Interface server. When the user clicks to launch the published application, nothing happens. The browser might briefly show a request, however, the Citrix ICA client never attempts to connect.

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