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Introducing The End User Computing Podcast

Introducing The End User Computing Podcast

Over the last several years, many of us in the industry have discussed the need for community driven End User Computing podcasts focusing on virtualization topics for people designing, deploying, and using Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and surrounding†technologies. I am excited to share that this month, two new Podcasts are being launched! First, a warm congratulations to Jarian Gibson and Andy Morgan on the successful launch of their Podcast, Frontline Chatter. Here’s to many years of continued success! Next, allow me to introduce the End User Computing Podcast!

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Visibility gaps in Citrix Xenapp environments


Citrix write in their “Operations Guide: Monitoring” on Page 1:

“Citrix recommends implementing a monitoring solution, which covers all aspects of an IT environment and allows aggregating all captured data within a single tool or console.
This simplifies correlating events or counters of multiple components and enables administrators to easily get an end to end overview.
This can decrease the time required to determine the root cause of an issue significantly.”

Link to the Guide:

As Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 just had End Of Life a week ago companies need to upgrade their Xenapp environment, if they are still running this old one. Any older physically implemented Citrix server will probably be replazed by a virtualized new version.
This changes the infrastructure, and creates some new challenges.
Beside that a lot of customers already have virtualized Citrix Xenapp.

Val King from Whitehat Virtual Technologies recently wrote a blog called: “4 Ideas to Solve the Visibility Gap Between Citrix EdgeSight and VMware vCenter”
He talks about how virtualization adds another layer to manage, and how this could lead to visibility gaps in your Citrix infrastructure.

He also asks the question: “How do you find a fix a problem you cannot see?”
To be able to troubleshoot root cause of problems in an infrastructure with virtualized Citrix Xenapp servers it is important to be able to look into the different layers of the infrastructure.

eG Innovations software can do that, and be able to monitor other application components, that are part of the Xenapp service, such as SQL server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint, Oracle and a lot more.

Here is a link to the blogpost, which is good to reflect on, and use as basis for investigation on what is important, if you consider implementing a monitoring solution.