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Transforming BIM to Remote Workspaces with HPE Edgeline, NVIDIA and VMware

HPE Edgeline BIM/Engineering Workstation – Overview

The new offerings have new enhanced GPU capability with the HPE Proliant m750 and providing a dedicated GPU from NVIDIA more specific the NVIDIA P1000 or NVIDIA T4. The solution requires no hypervisors and lowers complexity while enabling the mobility of users and enhancing user experience. This solution is designed to meet the requirements of power users such as designers, architects and visualizers that require high performance with reduced physical footprint, and targeted towards 1-499 users.

Challenges with CAD workstations today

  • Engineers are chained to desk
  • Not flexible with getting compute as they need
  • No scalable solution
  • Data requires to be copy down from network locations and can take long time
  • Data requires to be modified quickly and takes long time with synchronising−Engineers can’t work on any device 

Transforming high end workspace to current working style

Benefits of replacing physically BIM workstations with HPE remote workstations.

  • Move physically workstation to a central location and unchain engineers for their desk
  • Work from Home−Centralizing compute
  • Benefit of a scalable GPU solution
  • Benefit from central datacenter performance accessing the CAD/BIM files
  • IT Security and IP Protection 
  • Providing mobility to work from any device such as tablet
  • Providing engineers/designers a great dedicated and guaranteed user experience

Expanding the bare metal VDI family

HPE now have 3 hardware solutions and its 3 different form factors.

  • HPE Moonshot 1500
  • HPE Edgeline EL4000
  • HPE Edgeline EL8000 / EL8000t

HPE now supports VMware Horizon on all Moonshot/Edgeline solutions with bare metal but also running virtualised with VMware ESX & VMware Horizon.
I am proud to share that I was interviewed as part of HPE announcement of the new Bare Metal VDI for Engineering & BIM workstations; see the above video where you can see the new HPE Moonshot/Edgeline offerings and also a customer sharing their experience.

VMware Horizon supporting Bare Metal

VMware has been supporting bare metal setup for a while actually let’s dig into the facts.

  • VMware Horizon RDSH has been supporting Bare metal since Horizon 6, which is 6.5 years.
  • VMware PCoIP has been supporting +10years with host card for bare metal
  • VMware Blast for VDI has been supporting Bare metal for the last 2 years and have been supporting Windows 1803 or 1809.

The big news is that as of today, officially, HPE is supporting VMware Horizon on bare metal in HPE Moonshot and Edgeline. It used to be only Citrix that was positioned the last 7 years and this changes today, which I am really excited about as the platform becomes more open as it should and can benefit customers in the world.

HPE Edgeline and VMware Horizon 8 Architecture

Let’s dig in to the architecture.

HPE Edgeline and VMware Horizon show in the below picture you can use VMware Horizon cloud, but it’s also fully supported with onprem VMware Horizon infrastructure if you have a requirement for that. You can use a thin client from HP T740 which is the best hardware thin client on the market that also can decode multiple 4K monitors without any user experience gets impacted. The great thing about below archictecture is you can have 4 physical workstation’s in 1U centralised in your datacenter or edge location without compromising user experience with virtualising. The power of bare metal is you get exactly what the hardware can deliver. Now that said, if you wanna virtualise below hardware, you can do that with no issues and it is fully supported as well.

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Aston Martin Redbull Racing brakes through the physically barrier’s of complexity with HPE and Citrix

Here is a great story about the innovation work that Aston Martin Redbull Racing have done with HPE and Citrix.

“By enabling our Aerodynamists to use a unified workspace to support the design processes, they now have the ability to work faster and produce more design iterations. This results in a more optimised design for each circuit and better results on track.”

Quote – Matt Sorrell, Principal Aerodynamicist, Aston Martin Redbull Racing

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Im speaking at HPE Discover 18-20th June 2019, here is my insights, what I am looking forward to.

Billedresultat for hpe discover 2019

Hi All, I am proud to share that I will be speaking at this yearly Hewlett Packaged Enterprise (HPE Discover) which takes place 18-20th June 2019 in Las Vegas, United States. I have been part of HPE independent influencer program the last couple of years and have been having the pleasure to come to HPE Discover and cover this. I have primary been at HPE Discover in Europe the last couple of years. Last I was at HPE Discover in Las Vegas was 10 years ago, so its very special to be back and experience one of my favorite conferences in the year and also proud to share that I am speaking there.

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HPE Power’s the intelligent Edge at Citrix Synergy


At Citrix Synergy May 2019, HPE will show how dedicated graphics are delivered real-time by their HPE Edgeline solutions

HPE have following solutions:

Trader Workstation -HPE Moonshot & CITRIX are bringing Mobility and Security to Traders & Developers in Financial Services without compromising on End User Experience. 

Engineering Workstation – HPE Edgeline & CITRIX Cloud are bringing secure collaboration between engineering teams by enhancing systems and application performance and enable IOT & Industry 4.0 transition.

Bare metal VDI- Extending our success in POWER USERS to knowledge workers so that VDI does not need to be the lowest common denominator in terms of end user experience. 

I have helped HPE design & build the Engineering Workstation. Last year at HPE Discover in Europe, November 2018, the solution of the Engineering Workstation powered by Citrix Cloud solution was announced how customers can now use dedicated graphics with either Intel or adding AMD WX4100 GPU or now here in May 2019 add a NVIDIA P1000 GPU. The solutions are incredible how you can get raw dedicated and garanteed performance without any performance overhead of a hypervisor or an operating system that see’s a virtual system. Bare metal is same UX as a workstation, basically HPE is taking the physically workstation at the desk to the edge and making it intelligent with a high user density. HPE is the only vendor who can deliver 4 bare metal VDIs in 1U, which makes them a market leader for Baremetal VDI use cases at the Edge. Customers can as well use Citrix Virtual Apps (RDSH) and increase density, which is popular in the financial industry.

Follow on social media how HPE and Citrix is taking innovation at the edge. #HPECitrix #CitrixSynergy

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