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Wyse Configuration Manager

Wyse Configuration Manager – Features

With Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) you can manage WES7 thin clients (WES2009 will follow shortly) using a centrally located XML file. Things that can be managed using the XML file include:

  • RDP, View and ICA connections
  • Display settings (wallpaper, screenresolution, etc.)
  • Keyboard and mouse settings
  • Wired and wireless settings
  • Power settings
  • Browser, Aero and firewall settings
  • Much more…

In a lot of organizations WCM will eliminate the need to stream entire 4GB image files accross the network to customize the WES clients based on their needs. With WCM it is just a matter of creating a DHCP option tag (so the agent on the client knows where to find the XML file) and the XML file (using a reference client or the standalone WCM console application) and you are good to go.

And the best part of it, WCM comes totally free with every Wyse WES7 client.

The WCM console and agent can be downloaded from -> Support -> Software Downloads

Wyse Xenith 1.5 supports HDX Realtime Webcam


Wyse is going  to release soon a Maintenance Release 1 for Wyse ThinOS 7 and Xenith 1.5.

ThinOS 7 MR1 & Xenith firmware 1.5 supports HDX Realtime Webcam which leverages the Universal Video Driver (most Logitec and Microsoft webcams support this) and overcomes the need to install a local driver which. With ThinOS 7 MR1 & Xenith 1.5 you can use both HDX Realtime Webcam as well as HDX Realtime with the builtin Voice Codec with Microsoft Lync 2010.

Major enhancements are:
– Account Self Service feature where users can reset their own password and unlock their account
– HDX Realtime Webcam support in combination with XA6 and XD5
– RDP 7 Bitmap Compression
– RDP NLA Kerberos
– Localization of the GUI (at the moment loginscreen and boot messages only)
– Autologon (for instance for kiosks)
– Network capture to USB (create pcap files for troubleshooting connectivity issues)
– Much much more 🙂

So if you are looking for delivering a HDX Realtime Webcam support  in combination with XenDesktop 5 or XenApp6 with Microsoft Lync (former known as Microsoft Office Communication Server), Wyse ThinOS 7 MR1 / Xenith 1.5 is the perfect match for delivering a great user experience.

When you have a valid maintenance agreement the binaries can be downloaded from the Wyse Self Service portal in the coming weeks.

Wyse Xenith – Hint #1 Optimize the VDI (xa/xd)

If you use Wyse Xenith, then you can tweak it with below advise:
Recommended VM specs for Xendesktop for use with  Wyse Xenith
Win 7 2vCPU , 2G RAM

Optimize Wyse Xenith in a Citrix Xendesktop environment:

Configure the VDI (XenDesktop) with following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\PortICA\Thinwire\MaxFramesPerSecond=15

further informations on how to Improve XenDesktop Video User Experience Configuring MaxFramesPerSecond – >

set Progressive Display to medium check

and the Xenith side configure (SessionConfig=ICA ProgressiveDisplay=yes in the Xen.ini)

Optimize Wyse Xenith in a XenApp environment:

set Progressive Display to medium check

and the Xenith side configure (SessionConfig=ICA ProgressiveDisplay=yes in the Xen.ini)

Optimize Wyse Xenith in a WAN / Xendesktop environment

Configure the VDI (XenDesktop) with following key: