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Citrix App Streaming & AppSense App Streaming Environment Manager

AppSense can personalize a Citrix Streamed Application, take those settings and personalize the same application delivered by any other means such as published or local install, and then re-apply any changes made in the other delivery mechanisms back into the Citrix Streamed Application.  This is achieved by hooking into the application in question and managing the capturing and delivery of settings within the actual application itself.

AppSense have released version 8.x of EM which works with Citrix App Streaming “offline plugin” version 5.2.  The supporting version of EM is available now as a download from

AppSense 8.x is not managing the settings for streamed apps running via Offline 6.0. As of June 9th, AppSense Support states:

“We do not yet support Streaming Client 6. The latest version we currently support is 5.2.”

AppSense reports:

“…Support for the Offline Plug-in version 6.0 is scheduled to be included in a patch of the EM software scheduled for release around August 2010, this date is not confirmed at this stage. We have had to design and develop a completely different architecture in order to work with the changes that Citrix introduced with version 6.

We can however provide you now with a Beta version of this patch which you can install and begin testing with, and information found can then be passed onto our development team via support if you would be so kind as to do this.

If so,
– This is POC code, and as such is unsupported!
– The build number is, so will not upgrade from an existing version.
– A clean install on the client is required (uninstall EMAgent, install New EMAgent)

Joseph Nord from Citrix wrote this article, about product development between Citrix and AppSense.