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Citrix Branch Repeater 6.2

Citrix have released a new version of Branch Repeater 5.7.4 (Appliance, Software, Plugins)

New enhancements in 6.2

The following enhancements are available in release 6.2.

  • Repeater, Branch Repeater, Branch Repeater VPX, and Repeater Plug-in In general, use the Branch Repeater Family User’s Guide, Release 6.0-6.2, for this release, at
    Additionally, a new page has been added to the GUI, Monitoring: Server Load Indicator. This page shows the appliance’s overall load, LAN packet and data rates, and input queue latency, which can be useful in determining whether the appliance is lightly or heavily loaded.
  • Repeater 310 for NetScaler SDX Repeater 310 for NetScaler SDX is a new member of the product line that supports WAN speeds of up to 310 Mbps. It shares the hardware platform of the newest Repeater 500/1000 for NetScaler SDX appliances and can be converted through a license upgrade into a Repeater 500 or 1000 for NetScaler SDX.
  • Hardware Changes on Repeater 310/500/1000 for NetScaler SDX The hardware platform for Repeater 310/500/1000 for NetScaler SDX has been upgraded to support network bypassing on most of the Gigabit Ethernet ports. This changes the front panel of the appliances, as shown below. Other than changes on the front-panel Ethernet ports, the appliance remains the same.
  • Branch Repeater now supports the none encryption level when configured on XenApp or XenDesktop.
  • Hardware Bypassing on Older Units
    1. All Repeater 1500/2000 for NetScaler SDX appliances include network bypassing hardware.
    2. Only Repeater 310/500/1000 for NetScaler SDX appliances that are shipped from the factory with release 6.2 include network bypassing hardware.
  • Enabling WCCP SupportWCCP support on Repeater SDX is shared between the NetScaler instance and the Repeater. The NetScaler instance offloads GRE encapsulation/decapsulation from the Repeater. The NetScaler instance also performs NAT between the router and the Repeater, since the Repeater instances are on a different subnet from the router, and NAT is required to allow WCCP-L2 support. On Repeater, WCCP support is enabled as usual, with the following exceptions and limitations:
    1. The NAT address used by the router for the UDP-level WCCP control channel must be specified, along with its subnet size. For example, if the router communicates with the Repeater on address, the “NetScaler WCCP VIP Address” field on the Configuration: Advanced Deployments page must be set to, and the “VIP Network Prefix” field must be set to 24.
    2. Multicast WCCP is not supported.
    3. The WCCP status page does not show packet counts.
    4. The WCCP forward and return methods must match for a given router, with both being L2 or both being GRE.
    5. Load-balancing involving multiple routers will not work properly. Repeater SDX will unbalance or drop such traffic. On the NetScaler instance, contact your Citrix representative for configuration support.
  • Support for L2 forwarding within Repeater SDX, in addition to L3 routing.
  • Traffic shaping is now supported on Repeater SDX A single traffic-shaping engine handles traffic shaping for all the Repeater instances. This traffic shaper performs the same tasks as in other Repeater appliances, and is configured in the same way, but operates in the sending direction only.
  • Citrix Branch Repeater with Windows Server Previously, Citrix Branch Repeater with Windows Server (CBRwWS) was not supported on release 6.x. With Release 6.2, CBRwWS has the same feature set as other Citrix appliances.
    See the Citrix Branch Repeater with Windows Server User’s Guide, Release 2.0-3.0, at for installation instructions and other platform-specific information.
    See the Branch Repeater Family User’s Guide, Release 6.0-6.1, at, for the acceleration features of this release.
  • Group mode is no longer supported for CBRwWS appliances.

Supported Branch Repeater VPX Configurations

Release 6.2 is supported on Branch Repeater VPX running on XenServer, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft-Hyper-V hypervisors. See the following table for the versions of hypervisor that are supported.

Table 1-4. Hypervisors compatible with Branch Repeater VPX

Citrix XenServer XenServer 6.02/Hotfix 602E007,
XenServer 5.6.0 (but not 5.6 FP1 or 5.6 SP2), XenServer 5.5
VMware Vsphere ESXi 5.0, ESX/ESXi 4.1
Microsoft Hyper-V Hyper-V under Windows 2008 R2 SP1


Download Citrix Branch Repeater 6.2 (appliance, software and plug-in components) here
(Require MyCitrix ID)

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