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Citrix CloudBridge 7.0

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix CloudBridge 7.0

CloudBridge release 7.0 is compatible with partner appliances running Branch Repeater release 5.5 or later, Branch Repeater with Windows Server release 2.0 or later, and CloudBridge release 6.2 or later. It can be used in a mixed environment that includes appliances running these earlier releases. Enhancements in this release include video caching and a redesigned administrative interface. Additionally, other key enhancements include Microsoft Hyper-V 2012, support for CloudBridge VPX, and CloudBridge Plugin for Windows 8. Citrix recommends that you upgrade your appliance to this release if you need any of these features on the appliance.

Enhancements in Citrix CloudBridge 7.0

New Improved User Interface

The CloudBridge user interface has been changed to provide a better user experience, with easier navigation, less clutter, and other usability improvements. The Dashboard page and Monitoring pages are reorganized for a better visual experience. The main navigation menu items are organized as tabs on the header, and the navigation options are reorganized. The header provides bread crumbs for tracing your navigation path.

Video Caching

Release 7.0 adds a video caching feature to CloudBridge 600 and CloudBridge 2000 appliances. Video Caching improves the user experience for videos that are viewed more than once, especially on slower links, although first time viewing remains without benefit based on WAN speed. Due to video caching feature, video streams when re-watched will be delivered at the LAN speed from a CloudBridge device. Hence, significantly improving the overall viewing experience and reducing WAN usage for subsequent viewers.


  • Only Inline deployment mode is supported.
  • Support for CLI and SNMP are not available.
  • This feature is supported only on 001 and 002 models of CloudBridge 600 platforms.

CloudBridge Plug-in for Microsoft Windows 8

The CloudBridge Plug-in is now supported by the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system (32-bit and 64-bit versions of Enterprise Edition).

Support for Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 Standard and Datacenter Edition

This release supports hosting of CloudBridge VPX appliances on the Hyper-V 2012 virtualization platform.

GUI Navigation Changes

For GUI navigation changes in this release, see GUI Navigation Changes.

CloudBridge Connector on CloudBridge 4000 and 5000

Note: CloudBridge Connector is included as a Beta feature in this release.

The CloudBridge Connector feature of the Citrix CloudBridge appliance connects enterprise datacenters to external clouds and hosting environments, making the cloud a secure extension of the enterprise network. Cloud-hosted applications appear as though they are running on one contiguous enterprise network. With Citrix CloudBridge Connector, enterprises can augment their datacenters with the infinite capacity and elastic efficiency provided by cloud providers. The primary purpose of the CloudBridge Connector is to enable enterprises to move their applications to the cloud while reducing costs and the risk of application failure. In addition, the CloudBridge Connector increases network security in cloud

Also, the WAN optimization feature of the CloudBridge appliance accelerates traffic in the CloudBridge Connector, providing LAN-like performance for applications running across enterprise datacenters and clouds. You can configure CloudBridge Connector between two datacenters or between a datacenter and a Cloud.


Download Citrix CloudBridge 7.0 here (Require MyCitrix ID)

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