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Citrix HDX Monitor 1.2 for XenDesktop

This is a tool i talk alot about to our partners in Denmark, and their end-customers. So if you have a XenDesktop environment this tool is a MUST-HAVE-TOOL :o)

If you are running XenApp then get this HDX Monitor tool for XenApp

What is new in Citrix HDX Monitor 1.2 for XenDesktop
The HDX Monitor 1.2 adds support for XenDesktop 5 FullArmor policies and new HDX capabilities. It also introduces a new set of features.

The new report includes performance graphics along side with all the policy and session information. It also has a new icon in the main page which highlights how many errors or warnings were detected. The report can be saved as an HTML file and easily shared with Citrix support team.

Now supports both legacy and new FullArmor policies. The new HDX monitor works with both XenDesktop 4 and XenDesktop 5.

Frames per second is a good metric to evaluate your user experience. The HDX Monitor gives you instant access to this information to help you validate objectively if you are getting the user experience you are expecting.

Often times HDX performance is affected by slow storage on the VM. Identify if the storage is the performance problem with the new storage performance monitor. If the average disk queue is above 1, your experience will be seriously degraded.

If you are using the ClickOnce version of the HDX monitor all you need to do is restart the application and it will auto update.

But if you are using the offline installer msi, you’ll need to download a new version from here:

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