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Citrix HDX Monitor 3.0

Citrix have released a new version of the Citrix HDX Monitor version 3.0.


Version 3 works only to Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 -> & Citrix XenApp 6.5 ->

What is HDX Monitor 3.0

HDX Monitor 3.0 tool provides detailed information about the various HDX technologies, their performance, and diagnostics information. The following are the HDX technologies covered by this tool:

  • Thinwire (Graphics)
  • Direct 3D (Graphics)
  • Media Stream (aka RAVE)
  • Flash
  • Audio
  • USB Devices
  • Mapped Client Drives (CDM)
  • Branch Repeater
  • Printer
  • Client
  • Smart Card
  • Scanner
  • System


• XenApp 6.5 or greater or XenDesktop 5.5 or greater.

• This tool may be installed on any machine on the same domain as the target system including the XenDesktop VDA or XenApp Server.

How to use the HDX Monitor 3.0

• This tool is for ICA session HDX experience diagnostics. If you are running in a console or RDP session, HDX data is not available.

• Install this tool on any machine in the domain and enter the name of the VDA or XenApp Server for the target.

• In a published desktop, you can start the tool inside the desktop session to see all the collected data of this desktop session. The tool will default the target system to the local computer or you may target another VDA in the domain.

Security Permissions

This application does not require administrative rights to install or run the application. However, some data is only accessible with elevated rights.

Data Modified by HDX Monitor 3.0

HDX Monitor does not modify any HDX related data or configuration.


Download Citrix HDX Monitor 3.0 here

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