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Citrix License Server 11.10

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix License Server 11.10. The new version is both a release for Windows Server and there is a new release of the virtual appliance

Important: Upgrades are not supported for License Server VPX.

Whats new in License Server – Version 11.10

Citrix License Server VPX. A self-contained Linux-based virtual appliance that allows you to easily deploy licensing in your Citrix environment. You can bring the appliance online by:

  • Importing the appliance to your host or pool of hosts.
  • Configuring basic networking – specifying IP address, hostname, and other network information.
  • Using the License Administration Console to upload licenses for your hosts.

Microsoft Active Directory support for Windows license servers – The License Administration Console supports Active Directory Users and Groups. During installation, the license server detects Active Directory membership. If you are in a domain, the license server adds the installing user (domain\user) as a default License Administration Console administrator. In a workgroup or VPX installation, the license server prompts for the default admin user password.

Fixed Issues

  • The Citrix License Server might crash immediately after startup. Workaround: Delete the following files, and then start the license server. These files are automatically regenerated when the license server starts. [#253576]

    C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\ls\conf\activation_state.xml and concurrent_state.xml on a 32-bit server

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Citrix\ls\conf\activation_state.xml and concurrent_state.xml on a 64-bit server

    /opt/citrix/licensing/LS/conf/activation_state.xml and concurrent_state.xml for License Server VPX

  • If you select Use default port when configuring the Vendor Daemon Port, critical alerts might appear on the Dashboard when you close the console and restart the license service. If this occurs, you cannot use a random port. Workaround: Specify a new installation path that does not include parentheses in the pathname. Windows only[#0266589]


Read the full list of whats new and which bug fixed are fixed – here
Download Citrix License Server 11.10 here – Require MyCitrix ID


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