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Citrix Personal vDisk 5.6.10

Citrix have released a new version of Personal vDisk 5.6.10 for XenDesktop 5.6

What’s New in Personal vDisk 5.6.10

  1. The following issues have been fixed in this release:
  2. In some cases, upgrading personal vDisk from 5.6.0 to 5.6.5 or 5.6.7 may fai lbecause some registry keys on the virtual desktop cannot be deleted. ´
  3. Configuration changes made by Internet Information Services (IIS) are not persisted after restarts.
  4. In some scenarios, if an application installed by a user on a personal vDisk registers a Managed Object Format (MOF) file, the image update process fails due to MOF registration issue 0x2000002F.
  5. An administrator who creates a master image with a personal vDisk catalog cannot log on to one of the virtual desktops created from the image, and a temporary profile is created.
  6. Users are unable to access mount points and junctions on a virtual desktop.
  7. AppSense Environment Manager 8.3 is not compatible with personal vDisk.
  8. Downgrading from Version 5.6.5 or later to Version 5.6.0 might damage the personal vDisk volume and prevent it from attaching. From then on, regardless of the version of personal vDisk that is used, the error message “Cannot load Personal vDisk – Status Code 7, Error Code 0x20000006” is displayed.


Download Citrix Personal vDisk 5.6.10 here (Require MyCitrix ID)

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