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Citrix Personal vDisk 5.6.13 for XenApp, XenDesktop VIAB

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix Personal vDisk 5.6.13 thats a feature for Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-box

What’s new in Personal vDisk 5.6.13

The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Personal vDisk can cause pooled desktops to restart if Service Control Manager (services.exe) crashes. [#0365351]
  • Update Inventory fails due to the presence of symbolic links created by Microsoft App-V 5.0. [#0360811, #0352585]
  • The differencing disk (C:\ProgramData\Citrix\personal vDisk\UserData.VHD.tmp) does not mount and returns Error 32 in the activation log file, P:\PvDActivation.log.txt. [#0372804]
  • If you shut down a pooled desktop while its personal vDisk is initializing, the vDisk is not recognized when you restart the desktop. [#0372802]
  • If a Microsoft App-V application is installed on a virtual desktop with a personal vDisk, the desktop might stop and display an error on a blue screen when App-V synchronizes the application. [#0375299]


Download Citrix Personal vDisk 5.6.13 for XenApp here (Require MyCitrix ID)

Download Citrix Personal vDisk 5.6.13 for XenDesktop hereĀ (Require MyCitrix ID)

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