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Citrix Profile Management 5.0

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix Profile Management 5.0

What’s New in Profile Management 5.0

This version includes issues fixed since the last release of Profile management. For the list of fixed issues, see CTX124164. In addition, this version includes the following new key features:

  • New architecture – Profile management has been re-architected. A new mechanism for tracking file and folder changes replaces the Windows change journal. This simplifies the software’s internal operation. As a result of this simplification, the Directory of the MFT cache file policy is also removed.
  • Automatic configuration – Profile management now examines any XenDesktop environment, for example for the presence of personal vDisks, and sets defaults accordingly. Only policies in the Not Configured state are adjusted, so any customizations you have made are preserved. This feature speeds up deployment and simplifies optimization. No configuration of the feature is necessary, but you can disable automatic configuration when upgrading (to retain settings from earlier versions) or when troubleshooting. Automatic configuration does not work in XenApp or other environments.
  • Integration with XenDesktop – Profile management is still available as a separate download but you can now also install it from the XenDesktop 7 media. Profile management is installed silently by default. Citrix Studio administrators can now configure Profile management settings using XenDesktop policies, and Desktop Director administrators can now access diagnostic information for and troubleshoot user profiles.
  • Improved troubleshooting – To assist troubleshooting, Profile management now processes local client administrators on desktop operating systems but ignores administrators on server operating systems. This is the default behavior so no configuration of this feature is necessary, but you can change the default using theProcess logons of local administrators policy, if required. Also, instead of providing users with a temporary profile if a problem is encountered (for example, the user store is unavailable), a new policy lets you display an error message and automatically logs off users in this situation.
  • Excluded groups – This new policy identifies profiles of Active Directory Group members, and excludes the profiles from processing by Profile management. This can be helpful in large deployments. The exclusion takes precedence over any inclusion by the Process logons of local administrators policy.
  • Support for Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) – Compared with traditional Microsoft roaming profiles, user settings are stored differently for virtual applications created with App-V. Profile management works with App-V user settings without any need for configuration. The support does not include compatibility with App-V delivery mechanisms provided by some service providers.
  • Extended synchronization – The personal vDisk feature of XenDesktop, which stores data outside the user profile, replaces extended synchronization. This Profile management feature, which also stored non-profile data by combining inclusion and exclusion lists, is no longer needed and is removed from this version. Use personal vDisk instead.


Download Citrix Profile Management 5.0 here (Require MyCitrix ID) under VDI-in-a-box 5.3 or XenDesktop 7.

This release works with all versions of XA, XD, VIAB.

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