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Citrix Receiver 3.0 for Windows Technical Preview

Citrix is have released a technical preview of the next version of Citrix Reciever 3.0 for Windows.

Citrix Synergy is helding these days and on Wednesday all the great new technologies from Citrix will be announced.

Receiver 3.0 will dramatic improve the user experience, look out for features like Session Pre LaunchMulti-stream ICA, Multiple audio device redirection and New Single Sign-On Plug-in

What’s New

  • Citrix Receiver for Windows.The Citrix Receiver replaces the Citrix Online Plug-in for Windows. The Online Plug-in 13.0 is embedded in Receiver.
  • Unified user experience. Gives end users a common user interface whether using only Citrix Receiver or with any other Citrix Plug-ins.
  • Improved user experience. Improved application launching and reconnection.
  • Internet Explorer 9 support.
  • Simplified listing of devices in the Desktop Viewer. To simplify the display of USB devices, by default any that use the Generic USB virtual channel (for example, webcams and memory sticks) are not displayed on the Devices tab of the Desktop Viewer Preferences dialog box. Users can view the complete list of devices using a checkbox on the tab.
  • Enhanced Desktop Viewer user interface. The Preferences dialog box in the Desktop Viewer has been redesigned, and the USB button on the toolbar is now called Devices.
  • Windows 7 support. The Citrix Desktop Lock (formerly called the Desktop Appliance Lock) now supports Windows 7.
  • RemoteFX support. As an alternative to the Desktop Viewer UI, you can form connections to XenDesktop VDAs using Microsoft RemoteFX. For instructions on this, see CTX129509.
  • Session pre-launch. Reduced application launch time at high-traffic periods. Configure this feature on the server and client sides.
  • Multi-stream ICA. Improved QoS support by allowing Branch Repeater and third party routers to apply QoS policies across multiple ICA connections.
  • Multiple audio device redirection. Enables remoting of multiple audio devices present on the user device.
  • New Single Sign-On Plug-in. Simplified password management.
  • Aero support. Receiver now supports the display of Windows Aero theme on virtual desktops. A new .msi file is included that works with the Virtual Desktop Agent (part of XenDesktop) to provide the support.
  • User documentation. Topics that describe how users interact with their virtual desktops and control the Desktop Viewer have been moved from eDocs to the Receiver for Windows online help, which also includes the Connection Center help. This is available at

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