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Citrix Receiver 3.1 (technical preview) for Microsoft Windows

New features in Citrix Receiver 3.1 for Windows

  • One Installer Two Modes of Operation – Easily installed from Receiver for Web or Web Interface, Receiver for Windows enables web access with no configuration but can then be configured to provide a phenomenal native desktop experience with a single-click.
  • One Click Configuration – Just by opening what we call a provisioning file, Receiver for Windows 3.1 transforms into a native Receiver that provides self-service access to resources together with built-in remote access from anywhere through your Access Gateway. There is no longer a need for an Access Gateway VPN client for basic use from home or on the road.
  • Auto provisioned apps – Receiver automatically provisions core applications as soon as you connect.  You users  immediately have the apps they use everyday. If everyone uses Outlook and Word, they will be automatically be there for them.
  • Self-service Inside– Your users can choose other resources they require with a single click. All apps can be launched from the Start Menu or directly within the Receiver home page shown at right.
  • Easy to Learn – Receiver looks and works the same whether you are using Receiver for Android,  IOS,Windows,  or Web. It has the same search, catalog view, and launch capabilities. A perfect surprise for your users who work on their desktop in the office, their tablet in meetings, and the web from home.
  • Follow-me Subscriptions – What I choose using Receiver for Web “follow me” to my Windows desktop, what I choose on my desktop, follows me to my tablet or other desktops and back to the Web. 3.1 also enables follow-me sessions to work in conjunction with self-service on Windows where this was previously not possible.
  • Internal web app access – If you use Cloud Gateway Enterprise for access to SaaS and Web applications, Receiver will automatically starts the Access Gateway client to enable access to Cloud Gateway managed internal web applications (URLs).
  • Multiple Accounts – Like Receiver for IOS, Android, and Mac,  you can connect to your corporate apps, your back up data center apps and desktops, and apps and desktops provided by multiple service providers all at the same time. Just click a provisioning file for each new Account you want to use
  • More browser support – Finally, if you want to use Receiver for Windows to access apps or desktops using Chrome or Firefox, it now works with Chrome 10.0 and later and no longer requires the pre-installation of Firefox.

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