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Citrix Receiver 5.7 for iOS

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix Receiver 5.7 for iOS

What’s New in Version 5.7

In addition to general usability and performance improvements, this release adds these features:

· On iOS 6 operating systems, support for the Bluetooth keyboard, as well as fixes for rotation issues and Access Gateway timeout issues.

· On iPhone 5 devices, support for the new screen size.

· First-time use updates, including support for Access Gateway URL input.

· Improved performance when logging on, including reduced time for enumeration of applications.

· Support for multiple stores. Log into multiple accounts at one time, including both a PNA or Web Interface account and a StoreFront account with App Controller running simultaneously within Receiver. A new icon enables you to switch between accounts.

· SAN SSL certificate support.

· Enhanced client-side logging. Enable “Advanced Logs” in the Advanced Settings to help troubleshoot problems.

· New options for sending feedback, including the option to request for help from Support and to send feature requests to Citrix.

· Enhancements in the extended keyboard ribbon. Add and view extended keys more easily, including “sticky” keys for multi-key combinations.

· Support for Citrix @WorkMail™ and @WorkWeb™ for iOS-based devices that let users easily access their email, calendar, and contacts, as well as intranet web sites. You upload the mobile apps to AppController and users subscribe to these two apps from Receiver.

· Support for CloudGateway AppController 2.5, including:

· Policies for MDX-enabled mobile apps. Enable policies while wrapping apps, including policies that support device security, networks, and the ways apps interact with documents and web sites. You can also limit or block device functions, such as copy and paste, the camera, and GPS location services. These policies provide support for iOS apps, including @WorkWeb and @WorkMail.

· Ability to manage the your device inventory, including locking user devices, erasing application data and documents from user devices, and removing devices from the inventory list in AppController.

· Ability to configure workflows, including multiple workflows before you add applications. When you configure applications, you can select the appropriate workflow.

· Policies for Web and SaaS apps, including policies that support blocking of compromised devices, wireless network settings, the requirement for users to connect to an internal network to access apps, and the ability for users to have network access.


Download Citrix on your AppStore or this link

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