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Citrix Receiver 5.8 for iOS

Citrix have released a new version of Citrix Receiver 5.8 for iOS

What’s new

For the Reciver 5.8 release, Citrix have made the following improvements on Receiver for your users:

  • You can now directly interact with documents on your screen. You can scroll, pan, pinch, and zoom as you would in your host environments. You can also use application-specific gestures.This is available in Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 environments and Microsoft Windows 7.
  • You can use the new virtual mouse to perform left-click and right-click tasks, such as font and paragraph formatting and highlighting text in text editing applications. You can also zoom in and out of your entire screen by tapping the base of the mouse.
  • Your listening and viewing experience is improved with smoother playback of audio and video clips because of various multimedia enhancements, including the following features:
    • HDX Mediastream Windows Media Redirection – When Windows Media Redirection is enabled and you view multimedia videos on the virtual desktop on your iOS user device, the videos are smoother. This is because the files are actually running on your device, rather than on the server. As a result, you do not need as much device bandwidth. Enable this feature on the Settings screen on the device.
    • HDX H264 encoding support – Webcam data can now be encoded by H264, which is one of the high-definition codecs. You can now watch videos in formats such as .wmv that were not previously available on an iOS user device.
  • To use the features of the new HDX apps, you need to install Citrix Receiver on your device.


Download Citrix Receiver 5.8 for iOS here or on the AppleStore

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