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Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.1

Citrix have released Receiver for Windows 3.1 and Receiver Enterprise for Windows 3.1

What’s New in the Citrix Receiver Standard Package

Citrix Receiver (Citrixreceiver.exe) has been enhanced for on-demand access to Windows, Web, and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. You can use it for web access or configure it for use with Citrix CloudGateway.

  • CloudGateway Express Interoperability – Enables existing XenApp and XenDesktop customers to deliver all their Windows apps and desktops to any device using a unified StoreFront with self-service.
  • CloudGateway Enterprise Interoperability – Enables enterprises to aggregate, control, and deliver all of their Windows, web and SaaS apps to any user on any device.
  • Flexible installation methods – You can install CitrixReceiver.exe from Receiver for Web and Web Interface with or without administrator rights or you can use electronic software distribution (ESD) tools like Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO) or SCCM.
  • Self-service – Citrix Receiver displays all the resources that you make available to users. Users can browse the list or search for the resources they require and subscribe with a single click. Enabled using one-click configuration and CloudGateway.
  • One-click configuration – Opening a configuration file after installing Citrix Receiver activates self-service access to CloudGateway-published resources. You can publish the configuration file on a web site or email it to multiple users.
  • Secure, remote access through Access Gateway – Integration with Access Gateway provides users with secure access to all enterprise applications, virtual desktops, and data.
  • Domain pass-through authentication– Users already logged on to their domain account do not need to authenticate to access applications.Enable this functionality using a command line switch.
  • Auto-provisioned applications – Receiver automatically adds administrator-designated applications when users first authenticate. Requires CloudGateway StoreFront.
  • CloudGateway internal URL redirection – When a URL is redirected, Receiver checks a keyword to determine if the URL requires an Access Gateway VPN connection for access. If the VPN client is installed, it starts the VPN client and opens the page.
  • Receiver for all devices – User experience is consistent across Receiver platforms and devices.
  • Follow-me subscriptions – Users selected applications follow them across devices. Requires CloudGateway StoreFront.
  • Work space control improvements – Active sessions follow users as they roam from one device to another. Previously, the Self-Service Plug-in disabled workspace control.
  • Multiple account support – Users can access applications and desktops from multiple data centers using different security provisions.
  • Expanded browser support – Chrome versions 10.0 and later are supported. Pre-installation of Firefox is no longer required.

What’s New in the Citrix Receiver Enterprise Package

The Citrix Receiver Enterprise package does not contain any new features. With the upgrade in features in the standard Receiver, the Receiver Enterprise package is required only to support legacy PNAgent service access and for applications requiring Smart Card authentication.

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