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Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.2 for Windows

Citrix have released a new version of the Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.2 for Windows.

What is Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.2 for Windows

Citrix ShareFile Sync for Windows is designed to provide ShareFile Enterprise customers with an easy way to access and synchronize personal folders from your ShareFile account to your local computer.

For Windows 7, XP and Vista

New Features in Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.2 for Windows:

  • Support for synchronizing shared folders
  • Integration with group policy for managed configurations
  • Silent install support
  • Single sign-on for domain joined PCs
  • Support for StorageZones
  • Use the .exe installer to automatically detect the OS platform and the .msi installer if you want to automate the installation process


  • Shared Folders – Users can now synchronize folders shared by other users. To enable this feature, open the preferences menu from the ShareFile Sync icon in the notification area, then select the desired folders.
  • Silent Uninstall – The install packages now support silent installations. To use this functionality add the /qn switch to the end of the command line, for example:
    “C:\MSIs\ShareFileSync.msi” /qn
  • GPO settings – There are now three configurable registry keys that can be created to configure

    ShareFile Sync:
    Account: The ShareFile account name.


    1. Use 0 for Single sign-on, this will use the current Windows’ user authentication.
    2. Use 1 to prompt for user credentials.

    LocalSyncFolder: Path to the fixed local drive. Removable media and network shares are not allowed. Environment variables are supported but must set the value type to  REG_EXPAND_SZ.

  • Sample .reg file:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Download Citrix ShareFile Sync 1.2 for Windows (Require MyCitrix ID)

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