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Citrix ShareFile Sync for Mac 1.5

Citrix have released a new version of ShareFile Sync for Mac 1.5

Whats new in 1.5

Auto-update feature

Starting in this version, Mac Sync will update itself when a new version is detected in This is a transparent process where a user will only be prompted for an administrator’s password when certain files that require system changes are updated.

Auto-update FAQ’s

1) How often does it check for an update? Every day.

2) How do I disable this from my machine? This can only be as an account wide change done by an administrator.

3) How can an administrator disable this as a system wide setting for everyone in my company? Please contact the support team to disable this feature.

4) How do I manually trigger an update? Simply close ShareFile and open it again. 

Enhanced Proxy Support

Mac Sync now supports additional proxy settings such as scripts and authentication requests.

Known issues:

When upgrading while 2 different sessions are running, and error is displayed in the sessions that is not up front.

Changing a password online doesn’t prompt the user for a new password.

SAML authentication is currently not supported for OSX versions 10.6.8 or earlier.

Non-admin installations are currently not supported.

The launch website option from the ShareFile Sync notification area icon does not function when using certain complex passwords.

Installing Citrix Receiver with the FMD plugin in combination with this release is not supported.


Download Citrix ShareFile Sync for Mac 1.5 here (Require MyCitrix ID)

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