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Citrix Simple License Service 1.0

Citrix have released a new License product for Citrix products.

About the Citrix Simple License Service 1.0

The Citrix Simple License Service enables you to allocate and install license files on a license server using a web page interface. Install the Simple License Service on a license server and connect to it locally with the Start menu shortcut or remotely with the Simple License Service URL.


  • The Simple License Service allocates and downloads all the licenses available for a specific product. If you want to allocate and download only some of the licenses for a product, use My Citrix.
  • Once you click Allocate and Download, you cannot cancel it. If the Allocate and Download fails, useMy Citrix.
  • The Simple License Service does not support redownloading or reallocating of license files. For those features, use My Citrix.
  • If you rename the license server, you must reallocate any license files allocated under the old license server name and reinstall the Simple License Service. You cannot use the Simple License Service to reallocate license files. For more information about reallocating files, see Reallocating License Files in Citrix eDocs – Licensing Your Product.
  • If the Simple License Service is installed and you upgrade your license server, you must repair the Simple License Service before using it again.


Download Citrix Simple License Service 1.0 here (Require MyCitrix ID)

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