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Citrix Whitepaper – Operations Guide: Support and Maintenance

Citrix Worldwide Consulting Solutions have created this awesome whitepaper that i recommend you read if you are using Citrix in your organisation and want to optimize your support levels with better support methodes, tools and tier levels. This is one of the best whitepapers i have seen from Citrix Consulting and i recommend that you read the entire whitepaper and then try to build your own Operations Guide for your company where you use this whitepaper as a guide, wiki.

This whitepaper applies to XenApp, XenDesktop, Provisioning.



When implementing Citrix environments, support and maintenance aspects for new farms often get overlooked. Effectively maintaining a Citrix environment necessitates reliable systems be in place to ensure smooth day to day operations. This document covers main duties involved in maintaining of Citrix infrastructures.

This white paper covers the following 3 sections:

  • Support – When problems arise, technical support often is the first point of contact for issue resolution.  This section addresses the proper staffing, organization,  training, and tools utilized in effective support organizations.
  • Testing and Change Control – Regular upgrades are required to ensure a farm environment is up to date. Change management processes are critical to ensure improvements are properly approved, tested, and validated by appropriate parties.  This section covers the proper processes that ensure changes in production environments are deliberate, proven, and accountable.
  • Ongoing Operations – Maintenance, issue prevention and resolution are core responsibilities in running a Citrix infrastructure. When the responsibilities and assignments are structured properly, friction is kept to a minimum, reducing issues and their resolution times. This section discusses routine operations that Citrix environments require for optimal performance.


Read the full Citrix whitepaper – Operations Guide : Support and Maintenance here.


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