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Citrix XenApp 6 Service Provider Automation Pack

Citrix have released Citrix XenApp 6 service provider automation pack to download

The XenApp 6 Service Provider Automation Pack is specifically designed for use by Citrix Service Providers (use by Enterprise customers is not supported at this time). The Pack contains PowerShell scripts for: (1) the set-up and configuration of a Windows 7 Desktop Experience for session-based “Desktop as a Service” (DaaS) offers and (2) a hands-free deployment of a complete XenApp farm.

The Windows 7 Desktop Experience allows personalization of Themes, Wallpaper, Start Menu and Taskbar, and provides accessory apps like Windows Media Player, Snipping Tool, etc. The Pack also contains PowerShell scripts that set Active Directory policies to lockdown a shared server desktop based on Microsoft best practices.

The deployment of a XenApp farm is handled by a workflow that automates the provisioning and set up of the following XenApp components: Data Collector (and backup DC), Licensing Server, Web Interface Server configured to use an Access Gateway, and Worker Servers.

For service providers with a shared multi-tenant farm, a broker lockdown script is provided in the Pack that will set a stronger level of access control on support tools and restrict a tenant’s ability to see information stored in the broker and data store related to other tenants.

Download Citrix Cloud App Delivery – Setup Tools Administration Guide here

The Citrix Cloud App Delivery document explains, how Citrix Service Providers can use PowerShell scripts to install and configure XenApp farms, add tenants, and manage farm capacity for each tenant.

Download Citrix XenApp 6 Service Provider Automation Pack here (requires mycitrix account)

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