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Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 FP1 HDX 3D Pro – CPU based Deep Compression Codec use 25% of the CPU

By default CPU-based deep compression codec is enabled in HDX 3D Pro for Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 FP1 and not GPU based deep compression codec, which is enabled in ealier version of HDX 3D Pro (XenDesktop 4 -> 5.6).

If you have issues with to CPU constraints, then I recommend using the GPU codec instead. But try to compare the user experience with CPU-based deep compression codec and GPU based deep compression codec. I would recommend having the best user experience, then what matters if the cost is more adding more CPU.



Enable Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) based deep compression codec.


By default for HDX 3D Pro in XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1 the CPU-based deep compression codec is enabled. Indication is the picadispmgr.exe process consumes over 25% of the CPU, if user has CPU constraints and wants to use GPU-based deep compression codec.


Caution! Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that might require you to reinstall your operating system. Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of the Registry Editor can be solved. Use the Registry Editor at your own risk. Back up the registry before you edit it.

Complete the following if you have CPU constraints and want to use GPU-based encoding:

  • Open regedit
  • For 32 bit operating systems, navigate to HKLM\Software\Citrix\HDX3D\.
  • For 64 bit operating systems, navigate to HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\HDX3D\.
  • Create the value
    Name: “CPUDeepCompDisable
    Type: DWORD
  • To disable CPU-based codec set “CPUDeepCompDisable” to 1.
  • To enable the GPU-based codec set “CPUDeepCompDisable” to 0.

Note: Absence of “CPUDeepCompDisable” enables the CPU-base deep compression codec by default.

Another solution to resolve the constrained CPU usage of CPU deep compression codec

If you dont want to use the GPU deep compression codec and you want to use the CPU deep compression codec then use belowed solution:

  • Open Regedit.
  • Navigate to “HKLM\ Software\Citrix\HDX3D” for Windows 32 bit or “HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\HDX3D” for Windows 64 bit.
  • Create DWORD with the name “DoFramePreProcessing”.

To activate identical frames handling and reduce CPU consumption, set the value of “DoFramePreProcessing” to 1.
See source (CTX133864)



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