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Citrix XenDesktop 7.x Database Sizing

Citrix have released this great whitepaper about you size XenDesktop 7.x database’s.


A typical XenDesktop 7 deployment consists of three databases, as follows:

  • Site Configuration Database
  • Stores the current configuration and state of the XenDesktop deployment
  • Monitoring Database
  • Stores historical data for display within Director
  • Configuration Logging Database
  • Tracks configuration changes made to XenDesktop deployment

By default, the Configuration Logging and Monitoring databases (the secondary databases) are located on the same server as the Site Configuration Database. Initially, all three databases have the same name. Citrix recommends that you change the location of the secondary databases after you create a Site. A typical deployment also makes use of the Temporary Database, TempDB, provided by SQL Server. Each database serves a different purpose and grows at a different rate.

This document provides information about each database, and highlights the major considerations to take into account when sizing databases to support XenDesktop 7.x


CTX139508 – Download Citrix XenDesktop 7.x Database Sizing document here

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