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Citrix XenServer 6 issue with IBM HS22, X3650, X3690

ALEXANDER ERVIK JOHNSEN, CTP founder/owner of a great friend and colleque have found an serious issue with Citrix XenServer 6 and IBM HS22.

I can confirm i have the issue seen on IBM HS22 and IBM X3650 and IBM X3690

Kodos to Alexander for this great tip and solution so we can get XenServer 6 to run on these IBM beauties.

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Issue with Citrix XenServer 6 and IBM HS22, X3650 and X3690

The problem was after installing Citrix XenServer 6.0 it just went into a boot loop.
The problem lies with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

If it does not have Legacy Support when running XenServer 6.0, it will go into a boot loop.

Here is what you need to do:

Wait for the UEFI boot to finish.

Wait for the blade to connect boot devices and adapters, when prompted hit F1 to enter Setup

Once inside the Setup utility find go down to System Settings

Hit Enter

Go Down to Legacy Support and Hit Enter

Ensure that the options shown in the above picture is selected and hit ESC

Now go into the Boot Manager to remove unwanted features and more

Enter the Add Boot Option

Scroll down to Legacy Support and select it! Then hit ESC and REMEBER to save the settings and reboot!

!!! Remember to change the Bootorder to have legacySupport to initialize first.

Your server should now be able to boot on  IBM HS22 and IBM X3650 and IBM X3690

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