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CloudGateway Enterprise

Citrix have released CloudGateway Enterprise for web.

About CloudGateway Enterprise

CloudGateway Enterprise is designed to offer a single point of control for enterprise delivery of Windows, Web and SaaS applications, with a seamless end-user experience across the various Receiver variants. CloudGateway Enterprise comprises of three key components:

  1. StoreFront services– The Windows component allowing the various Citrix Receivers to connect to the enterprise store, and deliver Windows, Web and SaaS applications to users, with a follow-me subscription and launch experience.
  2. AppController– A linux based virtual machine available for both XenServer and vmware based hosts, providing the central administrative point for configuration of all enterprise Web and SaaS applications, to be delivered to end users, with a single sign-on federation and consolidated provisioning capabilities
  3. Gateway services – Delivered through the Access Gateway component, either standalone, or as a feature of the NetScaler MPX, VPX and SDX platforms.

Note that CloudGateway Enterprise provides the license entitlement for the Access Gateway universal licenses, but the actual AG physical or virtual appliances actually needed to deploy this functionality, will need to be procured independently

In addition to the above components CloudGateway Enterprise will also consist of regular AppConnector update packs, which will include new connectors for applications, that will keep increasing the number of applications supported for both federation and user account provisioning support within the AppController.


Download Citrix CloudGateway Enterprise here (require MyCitrix ID)

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