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E2E Virtualization Conference 25-27th May 2012 in Vienna

Hi all i am going to E2E Virtualization Conference in Vienna 25-25th May 2012 to meet with all the cool Virtualization Experts and listen to some hardcore sessions about Citrix, RES Software, SMS Passcode, AppSense, Microsoft, VMware. The topics is really cool so you would be able better to design, size and implement solutions with the vendors i mention. Last year i went to E2E aka Pubforum in Irland and did a presentation Smackdown HDX3D. This year i will digg much further down in the technology and announce excited new things that havent been announced before with XenApp HDX3D and XenDesktop HDX3D Pro. I will take the technology to the next limit so you would better be able to size solutions with HDX 3D and HDX 3D Pro. The other session i will cover is the ultimate VDI battle with Goliath vs David…… yes XenDesktop VS VDI-in-a-box.

My reasons why to attend E2E

Let me tell you why you should meet, you will be able to see awesome presentations by people like Alex Juschin (CTP and organiser of E2EVC), Helge Klein (CTP), Pierre Marmignon (CTP), Thomas Krampe (CTP), Stephane Thirion (CTP), Laura Whalen, Neil Spellings, Remko Weijnen, Andrew Morgan, Mike Meyer, Rich Crusco, Iain Brighton and much more.

E2E Virtualization Conference is an awesome conference that i would recommend all people to attend. Its definite one of my favorite conference to attend.

See the full agenda here

See the full list of presenters here ->

I am proud to announce that i am presenting following two sessions at E2E.

Session 1 – VDI Battle (XenDesktop VS VDI-in-a-box)

This session i will cover Goliath (XenDesktop) vs David (VDI-in-a-box)

  • Smackdown the features 
  • Sizing limits 
  • Storage consume battle (VDI-in-a-box vs XenDesktop (PVS/MCS) 
  • Advantages / Disadvantages 
  • How fast can you create a VDI (David vs Goliath) 
  • Is User Experience the same 
  • IO Storms 
Presentation and demo will be 80/20
Time 45 min

Session 2 – Best Practise XenApp HDX3D / XenDesktop HDX3D Pro

  • Tips and Tricks 
  • Sizing Graphical solutions HDX3D Pro GPU HCLDemo 
  • Pushing the GPU to the limit HDX3D VS HDX3D Pro3D App 
  • Overview of 3d Applications that works on HDX3D / HDX3D Pro 
  • Overview of bandwidth consumption for HDX3D / HDX3D Pro 
  • GPU HCL Overview for XenServer 6.x Server 
  • End-points testet with HDX3D / HDX3D Pro and results of user experience 
  • Troubleshooting a 3D App in a HDX3D / HDX3D Pro environment 
  • Troubleshooting HDX3D / HDX3D Pro 
  • Troubleshoot User Experience with HDX3D / HDX3D Pro 
  • How much can you WAN optimize HDX3D / HDX3D Pro with Citrix Repeater 
Presentation and demo will be 50/50
Time 45 min


Read further about E2E Virtual Conference here

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