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EdgeSight for Load Testing with XenDesktop & Login VSI

This whitepaper is an Implementation Guide for utilizing EdgeSight for Load Testing with XenDesktop 5 and Login VSI workloads


With the release of XenDesktop 5, Citrix announced support for EdgeSight for Load Testing 3.8 with XenDesktop 51 workloads. Prior to the release of XenDesktop 5, load testing XenDesktop Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) desktops was most commonly performed using the Login Consultants’ Login VSI2 benchmarking tool. The Login VSI workload, included within the Login VSI tool, has become a common point of reference for VDI benchmarking. As part of Citrix XenDesktop Platinum, administrators have access to EdgeSight for Load Testing. EdgeSight for Load Testing can be utilized to create custom XenDesktop workloads for scalability testing, but given the popularity of the Login VSI workload and analysis tools, XenDesktop Platinum administrators may wish to integrate EdgeSight for Load Testing with the Login VSI workload3. By leveraging EdgeSight for Load Testing with the Login VSI workload, administrators can synchronize the performance monitoring of the XenDesktop infrastructure machines with the Login VSI workload execution timelines to correlate the Login VSI data analysis and XenDesktop infrastructure performance. In addition, EdgeSight for Load Testing provides the administrator with a collective view of each virtual desktop executing the VSI workload for monitoring purposes as shown in Figure 1.

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the configuration steps required to leverage EdgeSight for Load Testing to launch XenDesktop connections that execute the Login VSI workload within the virtual desktop. This paper provides configuration guidance for integrating EdgeSight for Load Testing with both the Login VSI 2.14 and 3.0 versions.

Please note:

1 Only XenDesktop 5 is supported with EdgeSight for Load Testing, XenDesktop 4 is not supported. 2 For more detailed information regarding the Login VSI tool, please reference 3 Login Consultants’ Login VSI tool contains the Login VSI workload, VSI Launcher, and analysis tools. This paper focuses on using EdgeSight for Load Testing as an alternative to the VSI Launcher. 4 Login Consultants Login VSI 2.1 is no longer supported by Login Consultants

Download whitepaper here

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