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End user computing EUC Podcast Episode #1

The End User Computing Podcast ( is a community driven podcast for IT Professionals, and the first EUC Podcast is officially “in the bag”. Thanks to all those who hung around while the roadies tapped the mic, looked at the mic, tapped the mic again – got the manual out, realised it was in Danish written in a Manga syle, then essentially turned it off and on again.. but we got there in the end.

Intros in the first episode, what we think EUC means and then an interesting amble through conversation on infrastructure technologies supporting EUC. If you listen carefully you can hear me realise that contrary to many other events at the EUC Podcast we’re willing not only to go with new and exciting technologies, but firstname and “A” to start rather than surname and “W” to give me time to crib off others.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the Crowd Chat – you can follow it on the link below.

Look forward to your comments and questions and speaking with you at the next one.

citrix, end user computing, euc, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, MVP, NVIDIA GRID K1, testing, user experiance, VDI

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