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Citrix Consulting – Should you isolate the PVS Streaming traffic or not.

Hi All

I wanna share this great article with you that Nick Rintalan from Citrix Consulting have wrote.

Nick have wrote multiple articles about Citrix Provisioning Services if you should virtulize PVS or not.
I really enjoy Nick’s article and that he shares he’s knowledge from the field. If you are working with Citrix Provisioning Services and you havent read any of Nicks articles before then go ahead and jump in. Its a must read about PVS.

Here is some of Nicks important quote from his article: (Read the full article to get a better understanding)

  • if you are running a 10 Gb network, you will have a hard time saturating your network with PVS unless you are doing thousands and thousands of streams!  And I’ve seen a lot of production PVS implementations…we only have a few customers that fall into this category.
  • Other folks might say to segment the PVS traffic to alleviate issues related to PXE, DHCP or TFTP.  With proper network design and manageable broadcast domains, many of the DHCP issues can be mitigated.  And I still find many customers and partners don’t know about our swiss army knife – BDM!  Instead of dealing with “fun” PXE traffic and trying desperately to load balance TFTP, simply boot from an ISO with BDM and you’ll eliminate a lot of the networking complexity associated with PVS deployments.
  • separating PVS streaming traffic is no longer a best practice for the vast majority of our deployments.
  • it might make sense –security.  The separation of traffic (whether it’s at the VLAN level or physical) reduces the possibility of someone getting into that precious streaming traffic and messing with i


Read the article – Is Isolating the PVS Streaming Traffic Really a Best Practise here.


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