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Hardware OEM supported NVIDIA GRID config

Hi all

NVIDIA have updated their list over hardware vendors that are supported with NVIDIA GRID.

I have made a spreadsheet that eventual will be updated with more informations like:

  • Hypervisor support
  • Required bios version for GRID support / hypervisor
  • How to configure BIOS for GRID enablement
  • Tested app + much more.
  • Supported drivers
  • Tested remote desktop visualization technologies
  • vGPU

This article helps you get a fast overview which hardware support which amount of NVIDIA GRID’s.

The informations are some I have gathered on my own, some are from the hardware vendor, some you can check at NVIDIA.
I will update this article, when there are new servers and when I have more informations to reveal about above.

Important info: You can mix the GRID’s so a server can have either if it supports K1 and K2 you can have a server configured with both 1 K1 & 1 K2 if the server supports 2 GRID K1 or 2 GRID K2. The below list shows only support total amounts of either K1 or K2 and not mix.






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