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HDX 3D for Professional Graphics 1.1 – updated version(MAY 2010)

Hi all

I have been working with HDX3D since it came out in November and i have also been working on dev. version 1.1 before it was released, so i have got a lot of experience with  HDX3D technology.

I will write some articles on the architecture behind HDX3D and some best practise.

Citrix claims that version 1.1 is the latest version, but i noticed the other day that the time date was changed from marts to 5/14/10. Then i started to investigate and downloaded the hdx3d client and a funny part is that Citrix have forgot to rename the name of the zip file so its called “12.0.1.client_health_checktool” hmmm whats this about.

It seems that Citrix have updated all source and documentation in the HDX3D, the right name would have been 1.1.1 or 1.2.

The zip file contains 4 folders:

  • Clients
  • Documentation
  • Health Check Tool (this is new)
  • Server

Clients – whats new:
The client (CitrixOnlinePluginFull & CitrixOnlinePluginWeb) have been updated to version 12.0.001

12.0.001 client which solve the connectivity and connection Bar issue, and now it includes the decoder for the HDX 3D Pro Graphics GPU codec.

  • USB support on 64-bit Windows user devices (especially important if you’re using a 3D mouse)
  • New audio codecs (introduced in the 11.2 online plug-in) for great sound quality and low bandwidth consumption
  • Flash redirection for LAN-connected users
  • Support for the Desktop Viewer toolbar

USB devices can be used on both 32bit and 64bit client devices.

Documentation – whats new:
all three guides are updated with new content including description of the new tool “HDX 3D Pro Graphics – Health Check”

Health Check Tool – whats new:
The “HDX 3D Pro Graphics – HealthCheck” tool is brand new.

This tool is for the Administrators and users to check if their HDX 3D Pro Graphics VDA is good health or not. This tool can run on console and over ICA connection. This will help in basic troubleshooting by the admin and users

Server – whats new:

no changes on the files, they are still version 1.1 of the HDX3D from Marts 2010.


The client 12.0.1 makes all the big change with the HDX3D, after a short test in an environment i could see the better performance to the client and the XenDesktop runs smoother. Go get it before your neighbour.

The healthcheck tool is great for troubleshooting.

To download the HDX 3D for Professional Graphics:


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