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HDX 3D+XenDesktop 5 = “No” :o(

XenDesktop 5 is out, and i have noticed that HDX 3D Pro Graphics isnt supported with Citrix XenDesktop 5 (VDA). When you try to install the HDX 3D software on top on VDA5 it complains that it requires the VDA4.

HDX 3D still needs VDA and DDC from XenDesktop 4.x and is not integrated in XenDesktop 5.

HDX 3D will integrated with the next release of XenDesktop

So if you want to have a XenDesktop 5 solution and you also wants to provide HDX 3D to your users, then you must have a XenDesktop 4 & 5 combined environment. Its not a problem having multiple versions of XD, you can add the farms in the Webinterface, and then the user can access both a VDI in XD5 and a  HDX3D  VDI in XD4 .

From webpage:
“HDX 3D Pro Graphics
  HDX 3D Pro Graphics delivers high-end 3D professional graphics applications,
  including OpenGL and DirectX based applications. This feature requires the
  Desktop Delivery Controller and VDA from XenDesktop 4.”

Shame on you Citrix for not having this integrated.

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