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High Availability for TFTP with Citrix Provisioning Service

Citrix Consulting have created this great whitepaper that describes how you create High Availability for TFTP with Citrix Provisioning Services and Netscaler


Citrix Provisioning Services is a software streaming technology that allows servers and desktops to be provisioned and re-provisioned in real time from a single shared-disk image
1. The service is commonly integrated with Citrix virtualization solutions to optimize Operating System delivery and management. Often these solutions are critical to the operation of organizations and require high availability. Providing high availability for Provisioning Services requires designing each component of the service without a single point of failure across the network. The „bootstrap file‟, named ardbp32.bin, is a key component that must be delivered to Provisioning Services target devices in order for them to communicate with Provisioning Services over the network.

The bootstrap file is typically delivered via Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) services hosted on Provisioning Servers. This document focuses specifically on comparing high availability options fordelivery of the bootstrap file to target devices via TFTP. The advantages and disadvantages of each option are outlined as well as the steps to implement the load balancing options with NetScaler. The document scope does not include details of the implementation or operation of other aspects of Provisioning Services.

Read the full whitepaper Implementation Guide for High Availability for TFTP here

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