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How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts for Receiver for Mac OS X

Citrix have created this great knowledge article about customizing the keyboard shortcuts for Receiver for Mac #COOL
If you are a Mac user, you can have great benefit of this article. Enjoy /Poppelgaard


This article describes how to customize keyboard shortcuts for menu items of the Receiver for Mac.


The Citrix Receiver for Macintosh requires substitution of special keys for certain commands from a Macintosh keyboard to be used properly within a remote Windows session. Refer to the Citrix eDocs for more information. However, the new versions of Macintosh keyboards might not contain certain keys that are used by default for substitution. For example, sending the INSERT key to a session requires the HELP key on the keyboard, which no longer exists on newer keyboards such as MacBook Air laptops.

In such scenarios, you can use function and other special keys to a session using the Keyboard menu of the Receiver. However, this can become a cumbersome task if certain keys are used very frequently during daily tasks. Therefore, another option is to use the System Preferences of Mac OS X to create your own shortcut keys for specific functions available in the application menu of the Receiver.


To customize keyboard shortcuts for menu items of the Receiver for Mac, complete the following procedure:

  • Open System Preferences on the Macintosh computer.
  • Go to the Keyboard preference pane and select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
  • Select Application Shortcuts.
  • Press the + button located under the right list box.
  • Select Other from the list for Application.
  • In the dialog press ShiftCommand, and G simultaneously to open the Go To Folder page.
  • In the Go To Folder page, enter /Applications/Citrix
  • Click Go.
  • Select Citrix and click Add.
  • Enter the exact name of the Send Key menu item to add, such as INSERT in the Menu Title field.
  • Enter the shortcut key you are using.
  • Click Add.

More Information

This functionality does not work with Receiver for Mac software release earlier than 11.4. Certain keys and key combinations are reserved by Macintosh or by the Citrix Receiver. For example;

  • You cannot create a shortcut key containing Option and Command key. This is because the Option and Command key combination is passed or sent to the session as an Alt key.
  • Command, Ctrl, and D combination is the Mac OS X system-defined shortcut for Dictionary lookup, and cannot be used as an application shortcut.

For more information on special keys and keystrokes used by the Receiver, refer to the following sections of the Citrix eDocs:

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