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How To Set Up a Self Contained Repeater VPX Demo Environment

Hi i want to share this awesome Whitepaper that Citrix have been so kind to share. Its a must if you are working with WAN emulation and WAN optimization.

Note (You can use latest version of XenServer 6.x)


This guide is intended to be a quick step-by-step walk through of the setup and configuration of a self-contained Branch Repeater VPX demo environment with WAN Emulation. This environment is designed such that it can be easily replicated to a laptop or portable drive for customer or tradeshow demonstrations. Some skill set and environmental assumptions are made in this guide and are required prior to configuration of the demo environment:

  • XenServer 5.5 is installed and configured on the recommended hardware configuration (see below).
  • XenCenter 5.5 is installed and configured on a physical client machine for management.
  • The Branch Repeater VPX(s) are imported and licensed when possible.
  • The Windows Server VM has been created and a Windows Server operating system installed.
  • The Windows Client VM has been created and a Windows Client operating system installed.
  • The WANem ISO image has been downloaded and burned to a CDROM or DVD. (link provided above)

Products and Tools Required

  • 1 x XenServer 5.5
  • 1 x XenCenter 5.5
  • 2 x Branch Repeater VPX
  • 1 x Windows Client VM (Windows XP or higher)
  • 1 x Windows Server VM (Windows 2003 or higher)
  • 1 x WANem v2.2.x ISO

Read the full whitepaper, HINT click on Source ;o)

Enjoy /Poppelgaard


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