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HowTo manage printers in XenApp 6

How to Replicate Print Drivers with PowerShell in XenApp 6
This article describes how to replicate print drivers using the XenApp PowerShell Cmdlets interface in XenApp 6

Methods for Replicating Print Drivers and Settings in XenApp
This article describes alternative methods of replicating print drivers and printing settings in XenApp environments.

Manage Printers in a XenDesktop/XenApp provisioned environment
I will share a script with you, that i have build in vb, i am current customizing the final things and creating a documentation for it, then i will share it for you. I build the script many years ago, because printer drivers have always been a pain in the a##. I dont like that Citrix wants you to dedicate a XenApp server, where you replicate your printer drivers from, why not just get the “clean” drivers from your print servers, that you have “approved”, you can also explicit printers from the server, but i will tell you it a bit later when i have it ready for you ppl.