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HP P4000 with Citrix XenDesktop – Optimizing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Enterprise Strategy Group “ESG” have made an great article ” HP P4000 with Citrix XenDesktop: Optimizing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure”

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A growing number of organizations are using virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to reduce the cost, complexity and risks associated with PC desktop management. This report documents hands-on testing of an HP P4000 SAN in a Citrix XenDesktop environment—paying special attention to ease of management, performance, storage efficiency, and availability.

ESG Lab Validation Highlights

  • ESG Lab found the HP P4000 SAN easy to configure, implement, and manage in combination with the Citrix XenDesktop environment.
  • ESG Lab was able to use one ‘gold image’ virtual desktop to create and present multiple unique virtual desktops with minimal capacity overhead and no impact to users.
  • The efficiency and cost effective scalability of the HP architecture was seen to meet the performance needs of real-world applications deployed in a distributed virtual desktop environment.
  • The HP P4000 SAN was able to sustain continuous access for a Citrix XenDesktop user through disk, network, node, and site failures and a virtual desktop was able to automatically transition to a running XenDesktop server after a simulated server failure.